A web accelerator is a piece of software that accelerates an Internet site typically by caching content and delivering it instead of the web server. Such applications could be used for both static and dynamic Internet sites as there are different accelerators that can cache both static content and database calls and responses. The advantage of employing a web accelerator is that a given website will perform considerably faster without using additional resources. On the contrary, this type of a website will need much less resources to work since the web accelerator will take care of most requests rather than the server. In contrast to many firms which do not offer web accelerators with their solutions or offer one, we offer three different ones which will enable you to speed up your websites regardless of their style or content.

Web Accelerators in Website Hosting

When you acquire one of our website hosting solutions, you'll have three popular web accelerators at your disposal and you will be able to access them directly through the Hepsia Control Panel that comes with our plans. Varnish is one of the most well-known ones and it can significantly increase the speed of any site because it caches the pages a site visitor opens for the first time and provides them each and every time that website visitor opens them again. Given that Varnish operates considerably faster than any server, the loading speed of any Internet site using the accelerator will improve significantly. Memcached is used to cache database and API calls and responses between a site visitor and a server, so it's much like Varnish, but is used predominantly for database-driven Internet sites. Because the website shall connect to its database significantly less, the overall web server load will be minimized substantially. The 3rd accelerator, Node.js, is used for scalable online apps like chats and booking Internet sites because it processes info in real time the instant it is entered on the site by the users. Depending on the plan you choose, these accelerators might be available or may be an optional upgrade.