A catch-all email mailbox receives emails sent to nonexistent addresses under the same domain name. For instance, an email message sent to the miswritten suport@domain.com will go to support@domain.com in case the catch-all feature has been activated for the latter. In this way, you can get emails from friends or clients who may have sent a message to your email address with a typo or to an old one, which they may still have, but you have already deactivated. Only one single mailbox per domain can be a catch-all one and email forwarding cannot be activated for such a mailbox. The latter is due to the fact that at a certain point you may begin receiving spam emails in the catch-all mailbox and the forwarding limitation implies that the spam will not be delivered to a 3rd-party mailbox.

Catch-all Emails in Website Hosting

Configuring a catch-all e-mailbox will be quite easy in case you have a Linux website hosting package with our company. You can enable the feature through our powerful, albeit user-friendly Email Manager tool, which is an integral part of the Hepsia Control Panel, via which you’ll administer your shared web hosting account. You’ll see all the email addresses that you’ve set up shown in alphabetical order and on the right-hand side of each one of them there will be a small "Catch-all" icon, which will immediately inform you if a specific mailbox stores all the messages pertaining to a given domain or not. With a single mouse click on the icon you can enable or disable the feature at any moment. If there is active email forwarding or in case a different mailbox has already been configured as a catch-all one for a certain domain, you will get a notification from our system. The latter won’t replace/deactivate anything automatically or without your approval.